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In recent years, Chinese collectible design has been going through a period of rapid revival, reminding us that China is not only the largest center of mass production, but also a country with deep cultural traditions, whose history dates back millennia. The main distinguishing features of Chinese modern collectible design include minimalism, zen way of thinking, working with natural materials, as well as the synthesis of innovative technologies and millennia-old cultural traditions.
The "Chinese Dreams. Interpretation" exhibition presents works by leading artists and sculptors working in the field of object art. The authors themselves have long gone beyond the Chinese art scene, their works are widely represented in leading institutions such as: Pompidou Center, Dublin Museum, Fondation Louis Vuitton, Groningen Museum, Brooklyn Museum of Art, Corso Como, Liberty, Saatchi Gallery in London and Chamber of Fine Arts in New York, as well as in private collections in China, USA, France, Germany, Canada and other countries. Chinese contemporary collectible design seeks to create radically new forms by combining the principles of architecture, art and design.

The exhibition includes works by representatives of two generations of designers who are not connected by a single direction or a common art program. Each of them developed an individual style based on the synthesis of tradition and innovative technologies. All pieces are limited edition only, effectively equating these items with functional sculpture. At the same time, they retain their utilitarian function, which is also a characteristic feature of modern design.

The works of the artists chosen by the curators of the Heritage Gallery allow us to get an exhaustive idea of the main trends in Chinese collectible design of the 21stcentury. For example, the works of Song Tao, Xiao Tianyu and Hongjie Yang are based on the study of traditional furniture designs and techniques that reconstruct the essence of classical Chinese aesthetics. In this way, these masters strive to enable a global audience to rediscover and realize the beauty of the forms and philosophy of Chinese art.

Representatives of the second generation of Chinese design masters, which include Li Naihan, Zhou Runda, Qian Jing and Xiao Tianyu, successfully use the latest technologies in their creative process, including the capabilities of digital equipment, which allow not only to develop original aesthetic solutions, but also to create convenient and functional interior items, characterized by compactness and rationalism.

Many of the young authors presented at the exhibition have already created their own brands and can easily be called one of the most promising designers in China. Their creative method is distinguished by the search for radically new forms, thanks to their mutual principles of architecture, art and design in every piece they create.

"The interest in dialogue between art and functionality arose in China due to the efforts of the creative design scene. The curatorial task, and I'm not even afraid of the word, the curatorial excitement was to identify the true modern “created in China”, not the “made in China”, which has developed over the past 25 years, through the works of our chosen authors. These artists are a real discovery for the Russian art scene and, of course, for the sphere of subject collectible design. They have already conquered their territory in the international art market and in the European-American museum space. Russian collectors and institutions have yet to get acquainted with this incredibly interesting topic. As a gallery working in the direction of collectible design, we are delighted to become pioneers in this truly interesting contemporary cultural phenomenon for our viewer.
Our task is to show what contemporary, progressive Chinese design of the 21st century is, by the example of the best art pieces, without forgetting its 5,000-year majestic cultural heritage,” - says curator Kristina Krasnyanskaya.
The project was implemented with the partner support of Unique Design X.
During the exhibition, a number of joint events are planned with the Cosmoscow Collectors Club and TEO by Cosmoscow.

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