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Oil on canvas

52х64 cm




Nadia Blok (maiden name Ermolaeva-Zagoskina) belongs to the famous Russian constellation of artists of the first emigration wave and, at the same time, the last representative of the legendary Parisian school. Born in Bulgaria in 1925, she grew up in southern France, in Marseille. Then she lived in Paris, Geneva, New York. This artist’s life serves as an excellent example of exterritoriality in the best sense of this word. In other words, Nadia Blok’s life is a bright and illustrious example of successful and fruitful integration of expat’s children into the Western world. 

It is for more than 50 years that the artist lived in perfect harmony with Alexander Arnoldovich Bloch (penname of Jean Blot). Her spouse is a distinguished French writer and critic born in Moscow in 1923. He authored several novels and literature study works on Russian classical writers – Ivan Goncharov, Vladimir Nabokov, Osip Mandelshtamm.

A special handwriting of this artist can be easily recognized in all of her canvasses: the volatility and transparency of her brush, that particular vibration that is invariably felt in Russian painters’ works, despite inevitable, though sometimes transient, impacts of the trends of that era.

When a wonderful book by Ludmila Volkova, Nadia’s Stories, containing short stories about the life and creative work of Franco-Russian artist Nadia Blok, appeared in St. Petersburg in 2009, painting admirers were able to get acquainted, thanks to photoprints, with her pictures (1948-2007). Since 1958, the artist successfully held personal exhibitions in Geneva, Rome, Paris and Moscow.