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Oil on canvas

105х90 cm

Alexander Lozovoy remained in the 21st century as the only artist who was a direct disciple of Russian avant gard artists. In the 1960’s/ 1970’s, he studied in private studio of Varvara Bubnova (1886 – 1983) who was member of the Youth Union, the Jack of Diamonds, Donkey’s Tail, Institute of Artistic Culture, who studied together with Filonov, who displayed together with Malevich, Mayakovsky, Tatlin, Rodchenko etc. Bubnova was married to V. Matvey (Markov), Latvia-born avant garde artist residing in St. Petersburg.

The father of Alexander Lozovoy, N.G. Lozovoy (1901 – 1992), studied under Filonov and Malevich in the 1920’s. Then he spent 15 years in exile. He authored memories about Filonov (Experiment, Los Angeles, 1995).

Alexander Lozovoy keeps his father’s and Bubnova’s artistic heritage, starting from 1923. Lozovoy provides these works from time to time to some particular exhibitions but they are not intended for sale. 

Alexander Lozovoy was born in 1949. In 1977, he defended his candidate’s thesis in fine arts psychology in Leningrad. In 1987, he established an art gallery in Moscow, where, in particular, works by V. Bubnova, photos by avant garde photographer Laslo Moholy – Nagy were on display. The last exhibition was arranged together with the Goethe Center.

Lozovoy has never been member of any creative unions, associations or political parties.

Over time, Alexander Lozovoy developed his own technology for application and fixation of colorful pigments onto canvas. Brightness, transparency of colors, availability of many non-mixed pigments on one square centimeter of the picture surface – this feature distinguishes works by Alexander Lozovoy from those by any other modern artists in Russia, Europe and America. At present, Alexander Lozovoy has approx. 100 paintings and approx. 500 graphic works. 

Works by Alexander Lozovoy are kept in the Moscow Moden Art Museum, in private collections in Russia and abroad.

Alexander Lozovoy authored several books, articles on fine art, TV films that were on display for many times – One Artist Theater. Varvara Bubnova, 1996 (two parts, 26 minutes), Japan and Russian Avant Garde, 2000 (two parts, 26 minutes). The last film was made with support of the Japanese Foundation.