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Late 1920s

Oil on canvas

18х26,7 cm

In 1905, Charchoune entered the Kazan Art School where, according to him, he discovered painting, and began drawing lyrical landscapes. His father was opposed to his son’s hobby, and Charchoune fleed to the army and in 1909 moved to Moscow where he found himself among the Moscow artistic Bohemia, learned about French fauvism, German expressionism, and became their follower. He studied in Ilya Mashkov’s Moscow studio. In 1911, the artist moved to Paris where he attended Maria Vassilieva’s Academy and La Palette. He went to the Louvre and modern art galleries. When WWI began, Serge Charchoune moved to Barcelona. The Spanish and Mauritian style with its ormentality and bright colors influenced the artist’s method.

After the February Revolution I 1917, Charchoune enrolled in the Russian Expeditionary Force in France, but he caught Spanish flu in 1919, demobilized and returned to Paris where he met F. Picabia, T. Tzara, M. Duchamp and others, went in for Dadaism, was an active participant in dadaists’ group actions. Under Ozenfant’s influence, Charchoune became interested in Purism, he drew still lives a la Morandi.

In 1922-1923, the artist moved to Berlin where he began to publish his own magazine, Perevoz Dada, which was put out till 1973. Serge Charchoune also released self-published leaflets – compositions with serial titles: Transbordeur, Monument etc. In Berlin, Charchoune joined the circle close to the Sturm gallery where he communicated with Russian artists M. Andreenko, K. Boguslavskaya, I. Puni. He moved from ornamental Cubism to ornamental Impressionism. Since the 1930’s to the 1940’s, Serge Charchoune spent little time on painting but was active in the literary circles. Music and water were Charchoune’s main topics in the last twenty years. Simultaneously, he continued search in painting, related to Dadaism, the combination of geometry and a live image.








Lead pencil on paper, watercolor

24.5 x 19.5 cm



Oil on canvas

35.3 x 27 cm



Oil on canvas

73 x 100 cm

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